“It is my goal as Warren District Court Judge to continue modernizing and bringing greater efficiency to Warren District Court Division No. 1.  Since taking the bench, I have made strides to allow quicker access to the courts for all citizens while still ensuring justice.  I will continue to use technology to give all parties better access to our court system. With so many tools at our fingertips, we can help the court system run more smoothly, and provide quicker service to our community.

I possess over 25 years of experience serving our community in the courtroom. I understand the importance of everyone being treated fairly, with dignity, and ensuring equal access to the court system for all members of our community.   

I am also determined to provide additional services to the community. Most recently, I’ve launched a teen court program that I believe will help keep our juvenile offenders from becoming entrenched in the court system.

I was appointed to this position in 2021 and am more than ready to keep serving as your Warren County District Judge. Thank you for your attention and I humbly ask for your vote!”

Kim Geoghegan, Warren District Court Judge